Corporate Social Responsibility

The Pacific Creative Group is committed to operating with responsibility and integrity, from the management of our clients to the conduct of all aspects of our business. We are committed to treating our employees and business partners with respect and consideration, to supporting communities across Canada, and to reducing our impact on the environment.

This section highlights some of the Pacific Creative Group’s efforts and achievements in these areas.

Ways We Help


PCG’s commitment to a healthy planet is reflected in our services and our philosophies. We also believe in decreasing water consumption and waste and increasing our use of renewable energy.


Pacific Volunteers supports and recognizes the commitment of individuals and staff members who volunteer in their local communities to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.


PCG’s commitment to a healthy planet is reflected in our products and philosophies, plus goals to decrease water consumption and waste and increase our use of renewable energy.

Emerging Tech

The Pacific Creative Group is committed to investing intelligently, in ways that benefit both our shareholders, the environment at-need, and local communities. It’s time to put change first.

Environmental Sustainability

The Pacific Creative Group cares about the planet and its people. This genuine concern is reflected prominently in our company’s historical commitment to environmental sustainability. Today, we remain in constant pursuit of integrating sustainability throughout our business, with the goal of reducing waste & minimizing our carbon footprint.

Community Passion

The Pacific Creative Group’s members support countless communities through both charitable contributions and volunteer hours. Ask a staff member – we’re hard-pressed to find any activity more enjoyable than helping someone in need!

Responsible Investments

At the Pacific Creative Group, we believe that by using the best of our business and the passion of our people we can solve global challenges and improve individual communities all over the world. Our investment strategies put environmental sustainability, human rights, and local change first.