Fargo SEO

Scaling to $90K/month in 10 months.

FargoSEO is a search engine optimization agency. By leveraging fully automated sales outreach system, we helped them grow to $90K/month in 10 months.


Myth: sales requires a ton of time

Actually, around 90% of the sales process doesn’t require much human effort. By narrowing down sales tasks to a few key activities, you can greatly increase your return on investment (ROI).

Myth: cold outreach is dead

In truth, effective outreach has never been more powerful. The market has become inundated with low-quality spam services. However, by adding a touch of personalization and precise targeting, you can instantly break through the clutter.

Can you automate lead generation?

When we began partnering with FargoSEO, they were using up a lot of money on labor and lead lists, but they weren’t getting anywhere. Their sales team was worn out and not achieving much.
1. Target

By utilizing tailored LinkedIn audiences and an automated scraping system, we constructed lists comprising qualified leads with a high likelihood of conversion.

2. Customize

We crafted messages for each lead using a combination of AI-based methods. The goal was to guarantee that every message was tailored to the individual recipient.

3. Enrich

We integrated value into every message and smartly categorized lead outcomes before incorporating them into tailored follow-up sequences.

Leveraging AI for Real-World Profitable Applications

During that period, natural language processing had achieved remarkable advancements in performance. We established a two-step extraction and generation process, which extracted pertinent details from target profiles and systematically compiled them into personalized sequences on a large scale. Our open rates, reply rates, and conversion rates surpassed all previous records, resulting in substantial revenue growth.

Enhance your profit margins and reclaim your valuable time.

Similar to what we accomplished with Fargo SEO, we’ll assess your existing procedures and offer a complimentary analysis on enhancing margins, boosting efficiency, and achieving rapid scalability. There are no obligations whatsoever. Gain access to tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of value, completely free of charge.

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