Implementing Automated Onboarding for a Successful $11.2 Million Exit

PitchStreet, a marketplace that facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and investors, aimed to enhance their business scalability by optimizing their client onboarding procedure. Through the implementation of robust onboarding processes and the establishment of an automated operational model, they achieved impressive profit margins and a more streamlined workflow. As a result, they successfully secured an acquisition valued at $11.2 million.

Myth: Automation can potentially compromise personalization.

Indeed, the reality is that automation can, in fact, amplify personalization. By employing intelligent systems to handle repetitive tasks, you can allocate more time to meaningful customization, fostering deeper client connections and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Myth: Crafting proposals can be a time-consuming process.

In truth, highly effective proposals are frequently fully automated. This not only saves costs but also frees up your time by automating the repetitive aspects of proposal creation. As a result, you can focus your increased time and effort on presenting a more compelling case for your services.

Simplifying Onboarding for Business Scalability

PitchStreet encountered challenges with their client onboarding process, which was laborious, time-intensive, and not easily scalable. They required a system that could be replicated effortlessly and expanded to accommodate the increasing demand for their services, all while minimizing the need for excessive manpower.
1. Analyze

Begin by conducting a comprehensive review: thoroughly assess PitchStreet’s current onboarding process and pinpoint specific areas where automation has the potential to streamline operations, reduce time consumption, and enhance overall consistency.

2. Automate

Implement workflows, such as a one-click system for transferring proposals to a Monday board, which simplifies the onboarding process. With team members freed from mundane tasks, they can significantly minimize manual efforts and handle a threefold increase in workload volume.

3. Refine

Establish an ongoing practice of consistently reviewing and optimizing the onboarding process. By doing so, you ensure a seamless and efficient experience for both the agency and its clients, guaranteeing that the process remains effective and up-to-date over time.

Harnessing Automation for Expansion and Acquisition

Through the strategic implementation of automation in pivotal elements of their client onboarding process, PitchStreet achieved a more efficient business scale. This heightened efficiency caught the attention of a larger company that later acquired them for $11.2 million. While we can’t solely attribute the acquisition to our efforts, their optimized onboarding flow undeniably played a pivotal role in their rapid expansion and the attainment of robust profit margins.

Achieve a Noticeable Reduction in Onboarding Time and Propel Your Agency to Unprecedented Heights.

Similar to our approach with PitchStreet, we will evaluate your existing processes and deliver a complimentary analysis, outlining strategies to enhance margins, boost efficiency, and achieve rapid scalability. There are no obligations attached. Gain access to valuable insights worth tens of thousands of dollars, completely free of charge.

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